Body brushing is cheap, easy and can transform the texture of your skin – especially on the spotty, bumpy and wobbly bits! To get the accumulative benefit, you need to dry body brush at least once a day. Most professionals suggest brushing before your bath or shower…I tend to remember when I’m IN the bath or shower so brush afterwards (it seems to work just as well). Either way, you should ALWAYS apply a good quality body oil or lotion afterwards. When choosing a brush – make sure you buy one with really really firm bristles (I love the Aromatherapy Associates one). The first few times you dry body brush, it should feel a little scratchy and uncomfortable …until your skin gets used to the sensation and then it feels amazing!

  1. GLOWING SKIN (exfoliation): Dry body brushing every day will remove the surface layer of dead skin cells. This reveals the glowing skin beneath and allows any lovely oils / creams you put on to reach the fresh cells that need nourishing. Also, if you suffer with keratosis (bumpy skin on your upper arms, bum or legs), it stops the dead cells building up in the first place and therefore prevents lumps & bumps; smoothing the skin.

  2. WAKES YOU UP (boosting circulation) Always dry body brush towards the heart as it’s excellent for increasing blood circulation. It’s a must for anybody with circulatory problems but we can all benefit from a circulation boost. Not only does it bring fresh nutrients and oxygen to all the major functions of the body (and, of course, the skin), but it wakes you up in the morning as well! For added boost, team it up with Aromatherapy Associates Revive Morning Body Oil (or Bath & Shower Oil) which is full or circulation-boosting, toxin-draining goodness (great for a hangover)

  3. DETOXIFYING (boosting lymphatic drainage): Increasing circulation doesn’t just affect our blood, it also affects our lymph (meaning?) the flow of waste through the body. Speeding up the lymphatic system is an excellent way of detoxifying… leading perfectly to my next point…

  4. SMOOTHS CELLULITE: Increased lymphatic drainage is an important step to smoothing out cellulite as it helps to move along any fluid build-up. Dry Body Brushing also smooths out the texture of the skin. Put some pressure on over your thighs and bum and tummy and you’ll notice a difference in the texture of orange peel. I’ve worked with many cellulite products and never seen results as good as those from dry body brushing. If you want to team it up with cellulite lotion then always go for something containing caffeine. (note: caffeine applied topically is thought to reduce cellulite; caffeine taken internally through coffee/tea/coke etc promotes cellulite…best not to confuse the two).

  5. LONG LASTING TAN: Because of the exfoliating effects of dry body brushing, it makes for a longer lasting tan. Brushing for a week before your holiday will prep the skin so the sun is falling on fresh cells, making it last longer. Continuing to brush throughout your holiday will promote an even tan. Keep brushing after your holiday and it will eliminate any patchy shedding or peeling. Please do remember to tan responsibly with the correct SPF. Otherwise, in 10 years time, you’ll be reading my blogs on treating sun damage and age spots.

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